Photo by: Alex Brennan


Freelance Esports photographer


I'm a photographer based in Sheffield. This all started as a hobby alongside studying Graphic Design. Late 2015, I decided to attend gaming expos like EGX and Insomnia to practice my photography after enjoyed volunteering as a festival staff at i54, which sparked an interest to capture gaming.

EGL 14 was my first self-assigned project, attended specifically to work on my esports portfolio, it turned out to be a great learning experience. I started to pursue it more and volunteered at epic.lan as a photographer and was a stepping stone to where I am now.

Nearly 2 years later, I have shot over 20 various esport tournaments such as UK Masters, ESL Pro Leagues, ESL Premiership, Call of Duty World League and Halo Championship Series. I have also been lucky enough to have worked with event organisers such as Am 2 Pro, EGL, epic.LAN, ESL UK, Multiplay Esports and many other competitive teams. 

I have recently setup a new media and production company, DLC Studios, along with some business partners. I am currently working on videography and video editing to expand my knowledge for future projects.



esports events

With the amount of different events under my belt, I am confident that I can capture the atmosphere of an event to the best of my ability.




Have worked with some of the biggest UK event organisers including EGL, ESL UK + Insomnia Gaming Festival and various other teams.



Years of experience

Having years of experience improved my problem solving and work more efficiently under pressure to deliver quality content.


Brands I've worked with


Hard working, professional and dedicated to his craft. Sammy is a real credit to any events team and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Mark Buckley / Belong Marketing Executive